Sheriff offers AP 2-year plan to up its payment
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    Sheriff offers AP 2-year plan to up its payment

    By MARC VALERO Staff Writer

    AVON PARK — Highlands County Sheriff Paul Blackman seeks increases over the next two years totaling more than $1 million, in the payment for law enforcement services, from the City of Avon Park.

    In November, Blackman informed the council about the cost of providing services to the city. He sought a $1.1 million increase in the annual agreement with the city.

    At the time, Blackman offered a presentation on his department’s cost for service to the City of Avon Park, stating he needs to allocate more deputies from 19 to 27. This would change the city’s payment from about $1.4 million to $2.5 million per year.

    After meeting with Blackman, City Manager Mark Schrader provided the City Council with an update on its contract agreement with the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office.

    Mayor Garrett Anderson said Blackman has agreed to a “stepped approach” to increasing the city’s annual fee for law enforcement services to get to the point that he originally requested from the city.

    The increase the first year, fiscal year 2021-22, would be about $742,000 and then an additional increase of about $500,000 for 2022-23, he said.

    Obviously, it can be negotiated, but at the last council meeting Blackman attended it seemed he wouldn’t negotiate on the price, but possibly on how the increase would be phased in, Anderson said.

    “It is a blessing that he is willing to do a step at all, but nevertheless it is quite an increase that will have to be raised through taxation of some sort – the ad valorem or increased fire assessment or etc., etc.,” he said.

    Typically, the council would start discussing its budget in late July and try to finish it by the end of August, with the fiscal year starting Oct. 1, Anderson said.

    Councilwoman Brenda Gray thanked the Sheriff’s Office for working with the city and providing the opportunity to get the funds.

    “We know that the funds are needed because we want the services and we know that the services are needed,” she said. “I really appreciate him [Blackman] working with us to offer us the opportunity to do what we need to do.”

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    That's too bad. Was hoping they'd bring back their PD so we could give them back their shythole city.

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    No kidding. Avon Park is at it's worse now. Mayor Garrett Anderson is a joke and is a 2 faced liar. He could care less about law enforcement or the city. His main goal for entering city politics was to further his family's and closest friends wealth, build their businesses and divide the lines in the sand. He should be in prison for the crimes he has committed. Hope Karma takes care of the City one way or another! Shythole city is a major understatement!


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