PBA Vice President hand picked by Stahl arrested- no bond
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    PBA Vice President hand picked by Stahl arrested- no bond

    Jenkins arrested yesterday
    Just like Steadman Stahl leaked out via Leo affairs, John Jenkins was incarcerated for sexual battery yesterday.
    Another PBA board takes a fall.
    Remember Orlando Sosa who was caught stealing as he did not show up to work numerous days but claiming he was. PCB even caught him having sex in his unmarked vehicle (a visual I cannot erase).
    Then there was a guy from North Bay Village (can’t remember the name) who was arrested after driving his marked vehicle northbound in a southbound lane. This officer was previously arrested for battery on another officer.
    I also remember reading where Steadman skated after brokering a deal with north bay village commissioners and Steve Shiver, of all people, and both commissioners were arrested.
    Lastly, when I worked PCB a complaint came in and it was recommended to investigate further regarding Steadman interference with a case involving Lt. Becomo.

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    The PBA has become a real pile of crap


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