Greetings fellow deputies,

I'm visiting from an SO to the south. I'll be happy to report that we share the same issues. The agency will always groom people to rally against the masses. The agency does not want employee unity in any form. Have you noticed once a squad/unit/team becomes cohesive, they separate you? The agency will find ways to cause riffs amongst the rank and file. They will lie about the union's position and ability in negotiations. The office will never allow the union to use agency email to communicate. However, the agency will freely communicate union related issues when it's in their favor on an all users email.

Your agency heads are following what the FSA recommends they do. The FSA truly is the enemy of the
Deputy Sheriff.

The only way to come out ahead is to ignore the static presented by the blue falcons and your administration. Join the union, get involved and stand up for what is right. Your agency is empowered by low participation. I've had people who have ran for Sheriff try to exploit the number of union members at my organization in the press when we didn't endorse him. Trust me, the whole effort is pointless unless you all buy in to the importance of being a member. If not for the labor aspect, then at least legal defense.

I say all this and you probably think I'm a PBA hack. However, I'm with an opposing union and I know the importance of all Sheriff's Deputies taking union membership serious. We are all getting the short stick, even in statute. Think not, catch up on your WC benefits compared to city PO's. You can thank the FSA for that.