PBA does more harm than good.
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    PBA does more harm than good.

    PBA has become a bigger threat to us than any other group/person

    What is he thinking!
    Wow! What posses Steadmans Stahl to partner up with a state attorney whose objective with this legislation is to incarcerate law enforcement officers? I couldn’t believe what I read. Of course anti police groups want this bill so coos can always be the scape goat. They want to be able to Monday morning quarterback our every move, decision, action, etc.
    A training mandate through legislation is meant to do only one thing. Open law enforcement officers to arrest and law suits.
    What is Steadman thinking? Who is he trying to protect, them or us? Someone seriously needs to handle Stahl. He is making severe blunders that in the end we, and our families, will pay the brunt of his incompetence. My God, has our PBA truly gotten that bad under Stahl?
    Let’s hope the bill doesn’t pass is all I can say because the PBA is willing o fight more for bills that hurt us rather than bills that help us.

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    County cops are ready to ditch PBA. They are fed up with the PBA losing its best employees, the gross mismanagement of dues money, and the lack of transparency. PBA has become this secret cult like place using our dues money for their personal gain.

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    PBA is in real trouble. They are losing departments in record numbers.


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