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    Ghost of Christmas Past

    Things are better in the county...

    Don't be fooled, anywhere is better than FIU. Its a mirage sold to the poor souls who get hired there. "We'll promote you" LOL

    Best thing I did was leave that shithole.

    Is Benji still on a leash, or did he suck enough big ego little wiwi to get his stars back?

    Is Guevara still chupando pinga and getting thrown out of squads? Clase tipa la rata esa

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    Alex Valliante bro get a life you fat useless hide behind the badge garbage. You got lucky that you got sent to a little special place because of your hook ups. If it wasn’t for that you’re fat lard would’ve stayed being a security guard.

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    If this is valiente writing shit on Leo affairs he’s a fat ****ing loser. Brother leaves to the county and has to come on here to feel better about himself because nobody cares.

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