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    Homosexual domestics are the worse. Any domestic involving same sex partners are usually way worse than heterosexual DB incidents. Women especially. Shit can her, she doesn't deserve to be on the taxpayers payroll and representing the community.

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    If you want light shed on the topic, pass it along to those who are willing to shine the light.

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    Yawn 🥱🥱🥱 move peeps. Nothing to cry about.

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    Basically, HCSO and FDLE do not care if you commit felonies. You can keep your job and your standards*. But, don't disagree with the agency or use reasonable force to someone resisting.

    *Not applicable for white males

    Dear complainant,

    I was the case specialist for case 46834 against the law enforcement and instructor certifications of Ms. Nicole D. Brown, and it sounds as though you are informing us of the same incident from that case (your PDF is blocked from accessing it with this computer, however, so if there’s information to the contrary there I have not read it).

    Case 46834 was initiated via our office receiving an internal investigation from Highlands County Sheriff’s Office, which itself stemmed from an incident on September 10, 2020. Our case was closed on February 22, 2021, and the discipline imposed was that Ms. Brown was issued a Letter of Acknowledgement (LoA).

    LoA’s are issued after our prosecutors confirm the charge they think they could successfully pursue against the respondent. For cases in which the employing agency already disciplined the respondent, that discipline, the respondent’s history of Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission cases (if any), the charge, and the charge’s guideline penalties must be reviewed to see if an LoA is required. The relevant legal language in Florida Administrative Code that we must follow is “Commission staff shall issue a Letter of Acknowledgment of agency action in these cases, provided the employing agency shall have taken significant agency action as defined in subsections 11B-27.005(1)-(2), F.A.C.” (emphasis mine).

    The Agency’s penalties mentioned in the article fit, and all other factors fit, so an LoA was issued and CC’d to the agency essentially stating the discipline they meted out fell within statewide guidelines so no further action would be taken. It’s worth noting if the respondent had two separate misconduct charges, or if she has any misconduct case within 3 years of being issued the LoA, she would not be eligible for an LoA at that time.

    Dan McKee

    Research & Training Specialist

    Professional Compliance Section

    Florida Department of Law Enforcement

    According to FDLE's website, complaints can be initiated based on "receipt of newspaper articles indicating an arrest or violation of moral character by an officer". Please see the newspaper article below concerning Deputy Nicole Brown from the Highlands County Sheriff's Office. Also, is a link to report obtained by a records request.

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