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    IUPA enjoys ANOTHER success with lawyer Eric Schwartzreich

    Getting tired of political prosecutions. Politics and law mixed together sometimes serve a poisonous ****tail. The deputies in this particular case never should have been prosecuted. Today Sgt. Greg Lacerra is immune thanks to the correct and courageous ruling from Judge Levy. The law applies to ALL who get thrust in the criminal justice system. Two years ago The Florida Supreme Court ruled that all 'persons' which includes law enforcement officers can avail themselves of this law. Today Judge Levy correctly applied that law.

    It takes a village, thanks to Brian Silber, Sheila Zolnoor, Richie Allen, Frank McGarry, Jimmy Harm, Renee Touzalin, Jeremy Kroll and all the unsung heroes who help put it all together, ( and everyone else unmentioned behind the scenes). Teamwork is dreamwork. Thank you to I.U.P.A. Thank you to American Heritage's former student
    Michelle Zapata.

    And yes I reject, disavow and hate racism. This case was not about the blue, black or white. It was about a dangerous situation in the Tamarac Town Square Plaza. As a criminal defense attorney I have successfully argued the law for my civilian clients both black and white, and my minority law enforcement officer clients. Justice is for all, fat skinny tall and small!!

    Today Sgt. Lacerra is immune, tomorrow Deputy Krickovich will be found not guilty.

    Note: unlike the PBA and their weak lawyers IUPA and their lawyers are not afraid to fight.

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    IUPA definitely doesn’t mind fighting for their members

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    IUPA is anti cop child of AFL-CIO

    Experience matters, number of members matters, war chest to defend cops with experts matters!!!

    PLEA is IUPA and IUPA is AFL-CIO your PLEA dues goes up to AFL-CIO
    Beware of PLEA

    Here is what PLEA IUPA AFL-CIO ( all 3 the same) thinks of us:

    Wake up your hard earned dues money filtered by PLEA/IUPA but kicked up to AFL-CIO. Do you want your dues money supporting the scum robber who attacked a good cop ? How about your dues money supporting scum anti-law enforcement politicians well guess what if you join that’s exactly what will happen.

    See below:








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    Your links are garbage and go no where moron!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Your links are garbage and go no where moron!
    It’s symbolic of the PBA. It goes nowhere

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