PBA runs from media even when MDPD has been fired upon
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    PBA runs from media even when MDPD has been fired upon

    MDPD officers shot at and PBA says nothing
    They don’t need to speak up as long as they collect a PBA paycheck

    PBA silence is deafening. Good ball Greenwell showed up last night. All the dipshit could say was “wow” and shake his head.
    Did he speak up to the media? NO!
    Steadman speak up to the media? NO

    In spite of the shitty job done, as they have exhibited the past few years, PBA heads still collect a six figure PBA salary which is ontop of their six figure county salary. So why speak for the officers? They don’t.

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    MDPD is pissed that the shooting took place fair close to Steadman house but he refused to show up even though a swat guy had been shot 3 times in the chest. Miraculously he was saved by his vest.

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    There is no denying that the PBA with Mr Stahl has gone backwards considerably when it comes to defending and speaking up for LEOs. However, I also think that before changing unions we do what we can to change leadership and then if things don’t improve change unions by all means.
    I cannot believe that we don’t have qualified people that are not afraid to speak up. There has to be another Mr Rivera out there or someone like the NYPD guy.


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