PBA becomes cash cow for the Stahl family.
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    PBA becomes cash cow for the Stahl family.

    First, Steadman Stahl have himself and his cronies raises. Then Steadman hires his close friend Steve Shiver who turned out to be a drug addict and government informant who also had been investigated for corruption countless times. Our dues paid his crazy salary too.
    Steadman was using our dues money to buy lunches and dinners for a close personal friend who just came out of prison for public corruption, Steve Bateman.
    Then Steadman has misusing the credit card which caused two of his closet allies in the office to leave for fear of criminality.
    Then Steadman hired his niece, Karen Stahl. There is a nepotism rule that the only way he could get around it is for the Magazine company he hired to hire his niece and he would Pay them to cover her salary. Her salary is $180,000.00 yearly
    Steadman sister, Mary, who is also on the executive board just retired and Steadman hires her at, you guessed it, $180,000 a year also for doing nothing.
    PBA revenues have become a cash cow for the Stahl family.
    A forensic audit is in other And it should been done immediately.

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    I hate to say it but I told you all so. This ass clown Stahl is a real POS.

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    Pba definitely has become the friends and family plan. Every one draws a hefty salary paid with our dues money.
    In other words we are funding the friends and family plans.


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