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Just being a democrat will get either of these candidates 42%-48% of the vote. A dead body as a democrat would get 42%-48% of the vote. That is a fact in every election across Florida. Scott Swope got 40% of the vote back in 2012 and he was a nothing candidate with zero ideas or platform back when there were 80,000 more republicans than democrat registered voters. Now there are 15,000 more democratic voters than 2012. There is a LOT of anti-Trump democratic anger, so MORE democrats and many republicans are going to come out and vote democrat this election.

So, all either of these candidates need to win is to close that 2%-7% gap. There is the massive anti-police sentiment that has swept the nation since the George Floyd killing. That won't help Bob at all, but it will work in either of these candidates favor, especially McLynas, who has been very vocal about reforms that parallel what all of these protests are demanding. Then there is McLynas' position on ending all cannabis enforcement when 67% of all registered voters here in Pinellas want recreational adult use. Then there are both candidates focusing the spotlight on Bob's spending 2.3 billion dollars, his airplane, double dippers and massive waste, the 300 deputies on the beach debacle that even Bob now admits was a huge mistake and so much more.

So keep telling yourselves that Bob is not going anywhere. LOL
The last time he ran it was an embarrassing loss for him. What makes you think this is going to be any different. Let’s see who should I vote for hmmm. JM has been arrested, JM has no law enforcement experience, JM hates cops (didn’t know if you were aware that a sheriff supervises police) JM lies and makes up bs all of the time, JM is mentally unstable, JM is obsessed with trying to get rid of the current sheriff, JM donated most of the money to himself because he isn’t trusted in the community, just to highlight some of his less than appropriate characteristics. Or should I vote for the current sheriff. He has a proven track record of being a very well respected sheriff on the national level. He has done so much positive good for not only his agency but for agencies around the country. He loves his community and he loves law enforcement. He is an attorney and has a ton of experience. Just to mention a couple of things. The decision is extremely easy. Sheriff Bob four more years. The others are wasting their time