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Thread: Rascism

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    Red pill. Not for the weak in heart.

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    That was just stupid.

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    Idiot democrats

    And that's all you have to say? I think he articulated the truth very well. And you're ignoramous response is "that's stupid"
    Because you don't have the capacity for truth, your pea brain can not comprehend facts and truth if it hit you like a dump truck. I suggest listen to this black man speak again but this time listen with your heart and not with your beastial flesh thats in a fallen state.

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    Systemic rascism

    I'm still dumbfounded by so many successful black folks crying systemic racism from their ivory towers. I don't get it, I've never seen it in our agency, we've had black chiefs, black commanders, black LTs, black sergeants and black officers.
    So to sit there and watch an Obama appointee rapping to us and lying threw his teeth, spueing out the swamp narrative , the only thing I could think of was, " no way in hell Ed did this on his own, this shit came come the leftists overlords as I can see his face. I can read faces and I knew Poor Ed was merely enduring this trash leftists lie of a tragedy from Atlanta. And after all the fillerbusting, he presented in pure leftist fashion, no facts or proof of systemic racism in our department.
    All I can say is, Ed, I love ya bro but that one, was a cheap shot to bow by the socialists hidden among our midst. I bet 80 percent of those present were holding their puke until it was safe to regurgitate the low vibe. No thanks, I reject Marxism!!!!!

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    Bryant Marks

    Here's your training truth for the evening
    No thank you mark keep your hateful fake agenda in your shithole city of Atlanta , we have a great state and we of all races get along here. We have a homogenous department where we all get along without your Obasturd agenda

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    This brotha talks about obama

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