So, Iím currently filling out my FHP app and honestly Iím a little nervous. I tend to doubt myself a lot because I donít exactly have an immaculate past.
Iíve used oral steroids before (about 110 single uses) over the course of 3 years, my latest being 4 months ago when I only used it for 4 days and decided to dispose of them. I also used 8 injections of testosterone (2 a week) but again, decided that it was not best for me and disposed of it. Iíve also smoked marijuana 2x within the past year. One of these times was post shoulder operation and I mistook the pen for cbd (I had ran out of pain relief pills and the pain block the surgeon gave me failed) and one last time in January. I do plan on including this info into my application but, Iím honestly just worried that Iím wasting my time. I have a good moral standing i would like to believe, like everyone however, Iíve made a few dumb choices. If anyone could share anything with me or give me any advice, it would be greatly appreciated.