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    IUPA PLEA set to sacrifice cops to save their cushy union jobs

    The daddy of IUPA a lil ***** of BLM ;the AFL-CIO will soon screw the few remaining police unions to save their place the IUPA bosses and Dan M Howard will sacrifice a member or two to ten to save their fat salaries despite part-time hours

    “The labor federation also said the local police union president in Minneapolis, where George Floyd was killed, should be forced to resign. Further, the AFL-CIO said its own 2013 findings must be acted upon, which the statement said could allow for a crackdown on such brutality while protecting due process rights of all public service workers. Specifically, the statement called for banning chokeholds, expanding use of body cameras, ending racial profiling, demilitarizing police forces or limiting no-knock warrants, and creating a more community-centric policing culture.”

    Read more: https://www.npr.org/2020/06/10/87409...lice-union-tie

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    ThTs Steadman Stahls futile attempt to shift the criticism for his poor leadership skills. He has been under a deluge of complaints.

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