Gotta admit, feeling awfully bad for 'ole Sweet Peaches. He's trying so hard to be the next Grady Judd but he's just not man enough to do it.

Why did Sweety Peach delete his Facebook post? Couldn't take the heat? Grady wouldn't have. In fact, Grady would've had a press conference immediately after the shooting saying his only regret was that his deputies didn't kill the two kids. Hell, he probably would've fired them for poor aim.

I don't agree with Grady's approach or how Sweet Peaxhes handled this one. That Facebook post was a PR disaster that half the town has screenshots of. Grady? He would've owned it. Sweet Peaches? Heat gets hot so he deletes and hides.

Facts are facts: We have a racist sheriff that's a great guy to those he likes & can be of benefit to him. But does he target & profile? Quite iopenly and seemed proud of it until he got scared and deleted. What's next? He'll blame it on the deputies, they'll lose their jobs, benwfitd and possibly careers, and we tax payers will have to pay the settlements because everyone knows this may already be political suicide but letting it go to trial will definitely be.

So, what's next? Continue with a leader who will scarifice deputies to save his own a** or listen to the LEO's that work for him. What do you want to happen?