A husband and wife were in the shower, the wife had just finished bathing and the husband was shaving. The wife had only a towel wrapped around her body when the doorbell rings.
Husband tells her go see who is at the door.

Wife opens the door and sees their next door neighbor standing there. He looked at her feeling odd as she stood with just a towel wrapped around her body.

He then tells her. Hey, i will give you one hundred dollars if you show me your right breast. The woman looked at him a bit confused not knowing what to do. She looked around and figured what the hell so she brought down her towel and showed him her right breast. The neighbor reached in his pocket and handed her a 100 dollar bill. He then tells hey, I will give you another hundred if you show me the other breast. The woman looked around again figured what the hell so she brings down her towel and shows him her left breast.

So the neighbor reaches in his pocket gave her another 100 dollar bill. He then says I will give you two hundred dollars if you take your towel off and let me see you nude. So she looked around again said what the hell my husband is still in the bathroom nobody is gonna know. So she takes off her towel and stood there naked in front of the neighbor. So he reached into his pocket and took out two one hundred dollar bills and gave it to her the. Walked away.

The wife returned to the bathroom and her husband asked who was at the door?

She replies our neighbor George. Oh the husband said, did he give you the 400 dollars he owed me?