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Pretty much, yes.

1. Empty out at least half of the jail, only keeping violent offenders and defer prosecutions. The court's are closed anyway. All other inmates should be spaced out every other cell, given cleaning/hygiene supplies and the ability to keep to themselves.

2. End all training, meetings, let non-essential staff stay home. Maybe even close down north station.

3. Suspend all traffic contact. Pull people over, keep your distance, tell them to please stop whatever it is they are doing and move on. Yes, actually ask nicely. You may be surprised at the results you can get from not acting like an asshole.

4. There should also be a ban on people from out of state booking rooms in hotels and resorts. When NYC implodes in about 3 weeks there will be thousand of NY refugees heading here and hundreds of them will be infected. Unless they are staying at their own places or with family, they should not be welcome in Pinellas County. And this goes for people from every other "hot spot" as well. Just like getting the word out that beaches were closed to prevent more spring breakers from coming here, we should immediately put plans in place to prevent corona-refugees from flooding into Florida and Pinellas County.

But they won't. Bob will wait until it is too late, just like all of the other "leaders", and you will pay the price.
Those that are infected but with only minor symptoms will get much sicker after they arrive and between them and the new people that infect down here, they will put a much higher strain on our fragile and limited local medical services, You may die because there are no available respirators because there are 100 New Yorkers laying in Pinellas County hospital beds.