Closing the Beaches exposed Bob's biggest weakness. Once he has it in his mind about something, nobody is going to change it. National Media was zeroing in on Pinellas County Beaches and pointing out the massive crowds that were congregating and not practicing social distancing. The helicoptor footage did show some thinning of the crowds, but also showed congregating. Did he really think that Politicians were going to defend these massive crowds, when businesses are closing, weddings canceled, big funerals, church, canceled, and then the everyday citizen being asked to isolate while thousands are partying on the Beach? Bob then tried to justify not enforcing the ban due to legalities. Dear Bob, voluntary compliance was the goal, not arresting people. It would behoove any Dep that encounters that one group that defies your request to leave the beach, to take no action, unless the Shift Commander comes to the scene and gives you the okay. See, Bob doesnt think it is enforceable. If he thinks that, you better cover your ass, hell if I was the Shift Commander, I would have at least a Assistant Chief present! Even that might not save you, as we know Bob trumps the Assistant Chiefs decisions routinely. Bob's biggest problem, is there is nobody that he will listen to if he has already made up his mind about something.