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    Everyone is talking about patrol and the jail but what about civil? We do more work and come into contact with more people on a daily basis then anyone else at this agency!!


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    In a statement sent to TIME on March 23, the DOC said that a total of 39 inmates and 21 DOC personnel have tested positive across NYC jails. At least 58 inmates are being monitored in contagious disease and quarantine units. (Confirmed coronavirus patients among New York prisons, meanwhile, now include Harvey Weinstein.) Last week, the DOC confirmed that an employee had died after testing positive for COVID-19, though the deceased is said to have had limited contact with people in custody.
    Hey Bob, what's your plan when this happens at the jail here? Oh, that's right. You fixed it my releasing a few hundred inmates. Never mind then.

    Rikers Island Timeline.

    1st Day March 18, 2020: First case confirmed.

    3rd Day March 21, 2020: Harvey Weinstein confirmed infected

    4th Day March 22, 2020: 29 inmates and 17 staffers confirmed

    5th Day March 23, 2020: 39 inmates and 21 Correction Department staff members

    6th Day March 24, 2020: 52 Inmates and 30 staff members confirmed infected. Rikers rushes to reopen previously shuttered facility to house overflow from infirmary

    7th Day March 25, 2020: 75 inmates and 37 staff members now infected.

    8th Day March 26, 2020: 112 inmates and 56 Staff infected, one dead.


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