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It’s amazing how Scott Israel was able to fool just a select few. The most incompetent leader in law enforcement history excoriates any one who he perceives as not loyal to him. Yet, he was never loyal to anyone. When his son’s criminal activity becomes an issue in about a month or two, wait until you see him throw his son to the wolves. Yes, his sons criminal misconduct is going to be featured on a major cable news network. And no, it’s not Fox. Scott better hope this coronavirus lasts past August, because if it doesn’t, the episode which was already taped will be released around July. I didn’t realize how much Jake Tapper dislikes Scott Israel.
Seems like you have a love desire for SI. Why don’t you go out and get a job. All you do is spread fake news about this guy. Nothing against it but you must be a gay male with desires of being with him. Bad news for you is he is not gay. Stop answering all your questions.