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Coronavirus is a very intelligently designed bioweapon and recurrence rates are high. As a trained epidemiologist, there are a high cluster of cases in Iran because Chinese scientists were there, working on a bio-weapon which escaped.

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Coronavirus kills senior Iranian leaders

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Multiple senior Iranian governmental officials are dead or hospitalized with Coronavirus.

At least 66 people have died in Iran, the highest toll outside China where the outbreak began. Iran's reported total of confirmed cases rose to 1,501 today - up more than half from yesterday. The Iranian regime is accused of covering up the true scale of infection.

An adviser to Iran's supreme leader died of coronavirus. His sister is already dead from it.

Vice President Masoumeh Ebtekar, the spokeswoman for the US Embassy hostage takers in 1979, is sick with coronavirus.

Deputy health minister Iraj Harirchi, the head of a task force on the coronavirus, was stricken with coronavirus the day after he downplayed the outbreak.

Iran's former ambassador to the Vatican, Hadi Khosroshahi, is dead from it.

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Chinese Authorities Require Government Officers to Destroy Data about Coronavirus Outbreak

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Chinese government authorities are required to destroy data they compiled about the coronavirus outbreak.

The official Caixin report was quickly removed from its website soon after publication, but the article has been black-marketed onto a mirror site, which was still viewable as of March 3, 2020 (click here).

Confidential internal documents show that government officials are purposefully under-reporting results to make it appear as if the outbreak is leveling off.

Many people are exhibiting symptoms, but cannot be diagnosed and treated at hospitals, due to over-capacity.

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“The Wave” is where “re-infected” carriers are shedding (or spreading) coronavirus

”The Wave” is a term for coronavirus because there is no conferred immunity to it, which means you can be “re-infected” at any time.

Due to its synthetic nature, corona virus is moving too fast to ever construct a [naturally occurring] genetic resistance to it.

But “reinfection” alone is not the whole issue: once you get the virus (the first time), you become a “shedder” (or a super spreader). It is highly mutagenic, which is why there is no vaccine, nor any hope of developing one.

The reason we know coronavirus is a bioweapon is because of a slip-up when one of the researchers said:

  • "It is a bio-weapon because there is no change in the outer shell of the virus (SARS), while there is splicing happening on the interior---the HIV (retrovirus)/TB (fungal) additions)."

It's totally impossible [for that to happen naturally, which is why it’s a bio-weapon]. Any naturally occurring alteration would have altered the SARS glycoprotein exterior as…

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