QUOTE=Unregistered;3104939]The problem is he can't fire Haines soley on what he has to work with. The determination has already been made and he can't change his mind. Haines may even get his rank back if he successfully fights it in a Civil Service hearing.

Johnson needs to stop turning a blind eye to Haines like Hall did. Hall let Haines get away with so much it begs to wonder what Haines had on him, or something that could put a lot of people away. Hall's enabling of Haines' misconduct has carried over into Johnson's administration.

Scott Haines is the Hillary Clinton of SRSO. One begs to wonder if the folks that went missing or found dead with no suspects had something on Haines. One in particular that was found dead but JC just happened to come across.[/QUOTE]

This sounds about right. Simply amazing that some people keep getting away with everything under the sun, and is glorified by the higher echelon. As far as SH is concerned, the analogy that he is the Hillary Clinton is a very accurate description given the fact that he is so golden that he gets away with murder. That may be more a literal description than a figurative.