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    Modified Exhaust is a Road Hazard

    Modified Exhaust is a Road Hazard

    I been operating a motor Vehicle for 39 years and I have my CDL driver’s license and operated a motor bus for a while. I was taught the importance of safety on our roads when driving. I would like to bring to the conscious awareness to our elected officials and Law Enforcement if I may, safety should be of the utmost concern on our roads. In the last ten years I have noticed these vehicles with modified exhaust systems progressively getting louder and louder and more and more vehicles purposely making their vehicle obnoxiously loud, (I scratch my head and ask, why?) in my observation the louder than the next guy. At first it was an unneeded road annoyance but now it is becoming a road hazard. I’ll be on the phone and I can't hear the person I'm talking to because they want to pollute the air with unneeded noise and the noise doesn't go away, right away, it will be there linger for about half a minute to a minute, so this shows to me these cars are getting dangerously loud and are no way cool. (I have also seen these guys revvving it up on drivers to get out of thier way)Cool is the driver who shows courtesy with their driving tactics and respect their fellow citizens. I ask myself what kind of person hides behind a loud machine and disrespects his fellow citizens with gross noise pollution so that they can be looked at maybe. Lol (or are they angry at life and it’s a way to vent their weak emotion onto society) What-ever the case it is not right and not fair to the people in the community. It’s to the point where these machines are piercing right threw our homes and taking away our peace and quiet .(waking up the family at times)

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    I hear you

    Gross noise pollution in our society is not healthy and why is it being allowed at this time. I would think there would be an ordinance to regulate this unsafe driving practice.

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    Hi guys, I'm with you. I am concerned about the leniency of how loud these machines are being permitted to roar down the roads and startle drivers. I do notice every year getting louder and louder and more and more machines deliberately taking the peace and safety out of our communities. I wonder why it is being permitted when there is no doubt this is now also a road hazard. Nice perspective and thank you for bringing it to our attention here at this forum. I would think there would be some type of regulation at the registry level as to what modifications are permitted. There are definitely machines on our roads abusing this privilege at this time. A good strategy to test the loudness is to find open roads, where these vehicles can open it up, like on stretches of 17/92 and calculate the decibels as they rip roar by pounding their chest. lol
    Start measuring and regulating before it gets way out of hand.

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