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    Lightbulb SAO Art Jackman argues against “hit list”?

    Quote Originally Posted by “Carlos R. Munoz”
    SPD took steps to protect six people on a “hit list” written by Ryan Flanzer, but the SAO allegedly wouldn’t return their calls, according to court documents. Four of the people on the list want legal protection:

    1. Eric Kaplan
    2. Kimberly Bald
    3. Lee Foster
    4. Dana Mahoney

    Attorney Maria Ruiz subsequently filed a motion asking a judge to add their names to a permanent no-contact order [from the criminal trial]. However, SAO Art Jackman argued in an email to the Herald-Tribune that a protection order is a civil proceeding – and he disputed that Flanzer’s list was a “hit list.” But the SAO referred to the list as a “hit list” in criminal court in a successful motion to increase Flanzer’s bond from $7,500 to $350,000 – and to impose a no-contact order for victims of the shooting and for individuals on the list.

    Police believed Flanzer was a threat to commit “significant dangerous acts” and asked a judge to grant a risk-protection order, known as a Red Flag order, to take away his cache of firearms. A search of Flanzer’s home found multiple firearms, including...
    Full story:
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