Here is something for you to run with Andy. A real story. Below I will post a link to the Sheriff's campaign contributors. There is a man Named Robert Stork. He owns several business in Vero Beach one of which is a company that earned the contract to redo the radios for the Sheriff's Office CI Harris. By the way he won the bid over Motorola which happens to be the company he uses to get his equipment from. He made over $3,000 in contributions under different names to the Sheriff so far this month. More than any other contributor. Ask the people Andy why a man who lives in Vero Beach wants Bill Prummell to become Sheriff? In the contract that he won he charged more for training, gave less discounts, and overall fell short of Motorola was preapred to do over the long run to the radios and dispatch system. Yet he still got the contract and won the bid. Andy there is meat here you just have to dig a little. Do a PRR for Omnicon consulting group with Charlotte county. Not the CCSO, the actual County. The contract was between CI Harris and Motorola on 10.20.16

Follow this link to see Robert Stork and RC Stork's contributions. Why does a man who lives on the other side of the state have such a vested interest in Prummell winning? Matter of fact when you look at Robert Stork's history of contributions to candidates in the state of Florida they are low. Prummell has received the most money in the last 4 years. Finally I would say in most cases this is fine, but this is a man who won a 6.6 million dollar contract from the County. If it walks like a duck? Go get em Andy!
his name is in there 3 times and a crao load of traitor cops names and company owners