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    Maybe Sheriff Bradshaw should move to Broward and run for Sheriff.

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    Maybe Sheriff Bradshaw should move to Broward and run for Sheriff.
    Or maybe they should consolidate police services and let Bradshaw run the show. He obviously knows what he's doing. And to think, Israel would make comments about Bradshaw, that he should come see him about advice about police work. Israel is and always will be a joke.

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    Why do we care

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    Im sure Bradshaw would the fear back in law enforcement if he comes to our agency. Im sure is SOP would drastically force the old times out aka DROP babies.

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    You have no idea

    While PBSO is not perfect, and neither is Sheriff Bradshaw, The deputies in Palm Beach have no idea how good they have it compared to Broward.

    PBSO gets a steady 3% COLA every year under Bradshaw.

    This year he gave every employee a one time bonus in October of 1%.

    They have a step pay plan with each step being 5%. 10 steps for deputy, 7 for sergeant and 4 for lieutenant, and that does not include the career deputy plan they have which allows a deputy to have a topped out salary of what a sergeant makes.

    All employees are eligible for longevity pay which increases with length of service and after 20 years it tops out at 10% of your base salary.

    The sheriff has absorbed all increases in health insurance related costs for several years.

    The list goes on with pay and benefits. But also look at their equipment. You don’t see any paint peeling off of patrol cars or vehicles with 10 year old light bars running around. They have issued rifles to their deputies for years, while the new Sheriff in Broward just had to make a big deal about buying them. They have some of the best helicopters of any law enforcement agency in the US now since they purchased two brand new twin engine Bell 429’s with a third one on the way. That’s just to name a few things.

    Operationally you would never see what happened in Miami with that out of control pursuit or MSD happen in Palm Beach. PBSO actually has a captain out on the road 24/7/365 called a Command Duty Officer (CDO) who oversees all law enforcement operations and supervises the 5 to 6 watch commanders (LT’s) who are on duty 24/7/365. The watch commanders actually have command and control over law enforcement operations and would have reacted entirely differently to an MSD event. No captain and lieutenant leaving their desk job in the office to respond out and try to figure out what to do even though they have been pushing paper for the last 20 years behind a desk. No, PBSO has an entirely different, administrative supervisory side that works in the office and an operational supervisory side that covers the road. This fiefdom system at BSO where everyone runs their district as they see fit doesn’t fly in Palm Beach either.

    Now BSO has a former sgt with 7 years of total law enforcement experience under his belt trying to run an agency that is One of the largest law enforcement agencies in the US. No government entity in the nation would hire a new leader of a law enforcement agency this size with 7 total years of experience. Yet here we are.

    Yeah, BSO desperately needs a true law enforcement professional who is seasoned, experienced and knows how to be a leader. Too bad Sheriff Bradshaw already has a good job. At the very least Tony should be down there in Palm Beach studying Bradshaw and how he runs his operation because as it stands now he’s doing nothing substantial to change things and is simply promoting politically correct individuals in hopes of winning political favor, putting window dressing on a broken toy and relying on luck and a prayer. What a disaster, but you can’t fault the guy. He just doesn’t have enough experience or know how to know any better.

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