Dear Shem,

I see the 2020 elections have you extremely nervous, acting eradicate and mumbling uncontrollably. You've burned all your bridges and supporters. No one trusts you or believes a word that comes out of your mouth but you yourself, not even your goons believe you and they talk behind your back but speak so good in front of you hoping for a promotion that carries no weight. Your 4th term will be sitting at home in your office playing with toy guns and handcuffs saying "Im the sheriff" "Im the only sheriff" and momma will have to call you in to take your psych medication for your delusional fantasies of men on shem action. You will have a road name after in your honor and it will be the road that leads to the garbage dump because thats what your administration has headed since day 1.

P.S. Quit with your little man tantrums because it's giving some of guys in the department a hard on when you walk away red and swinging them thunder hips.