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    Fake pregnancy

    You boys better open your wallets to keep the fake pregnancy girl from turning on you!
    Money talks but she will walk if you dont double up on the compensation
    Your great plan will come to an end soon

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    That pillow was traumatized

    You maggots are putting alot of pressure on this girl to keep the lies going!
    It was supposed to believed by the public and then go away!
    You can't continue to make her keep the lie going
    She has a conscious unlike leavans the aborting

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    The fake pregnancy

    Only fox news fell for your lie.
    Did you think people with brains fell for it
    You could have picked someone with a clean record
    Just look at her history
    This girl lives off telling people she is pregnant and they pay her money to go away.
    That money is going to dry up soon
    No way Spence will pay her enough to keep lying for eight years.

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    Fake pregnancy

    How much has spence invested in this lie??
    It wont help shrek at all
    Almost as big a failure as your fdle investigations
    You boys need to come back in eight years with a candidate that can get some support

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