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    El Hefe

    So three out of the four Deputy Chiefs are actively looking for jobs, the reserve officer is "fired" (wink wink), there is a mass exodus in retirements, Chief puts his under-qualified godson in a specialized unit over much more experienced sergeants and the city offers 1%. The same chief who was going around proclaiming, "this is the year for a great raise with the economy", and the union prez just rolls with the flow.....when will the Mayor's staff see what this guy is doing to us?

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    GREAT promotions today El Hefe. You selected the biggest ki$$a$$ in OPD history (guess everybody forgot about the time he was off duty and a guy was thrown through a window), another fellow who is 12 months away from mandatory retirement and the last was that EOE report promotion. Hey it only took her three timers to pass the test!

    You have slowly ruined this once proud agency. Thank god your reign is one day closer to being over with each passing day! At least you've been able to practice your PR skills for the politician job you're wife has you set up for.....

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