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    PBA refused to speak up on behalf of 3 cops hurt in shootout

    PBA doesn’t support 3 county officers hurt in shootout
    Once again the county cops are up in arms because the PBA refuses to support the 3 officers injured in a shootout two days ago.
    Seems the PBA just doesn’t engage anymore. They attend cookies with Rookies and nonsense similar to that but defending LEOs has taken a back seat.
    How can the PBA be the voice of law enforcement, as they claim, if they always remain silent?

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    County cops are considering moving away from PBA and into PLEA. PLEA is best known for fighting for its members where the PBA is no longer a group that fights for LEOs.
    We should check our options.

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    It has happened again! Officer is falsely accused and PBA refused to cover him. He got his own attorney and won the charges. Now, PBA refuses to pay his legal fees

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