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    PBA under heavy criticism for failing to represent members

    It has happened too many times say disgruntled PBA members. It was bad enough that the PBA underwent scandal after scandal but now they have changed their legal coverage without notifying the membership. And the denials are not limited to any one department.
    The most recent was a Sgt from MDPD. He was denied representation by PBA leadership and was force to hire his own attorney. Of
    Course he paid for the lawyer out of his own pocket. He was acquitted.
    Now members have asked PBA to pay the Sgt back for his legal fees. And, well... you guess it, the PBA denied him. They say they no longer represent members like they used to. Obviously, this news came as a surprise because at no time did the PBA notify the members of this new philosophy.
    Pissed odd members have been quitting and seeking representation from PLEA of IUPA or FOP.

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    Again PBA refused to represent an officer who was forced to hire and pay for his own attorney. Shouldn’t the members be notified of any change to representation guidelines??

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