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Thread: Promotions

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    Well said K. Petrillo

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    Meathead made sgt? LOL. Good for him.

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    All these people that got promoted applied them selves and got promoted. Not saying someone was more deserving but someone has to fill these positions.

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    In sound body and mind I make this oath.
    The oath of kings. The oath of kings and champions.

    I declare I am not perfect.

    I trust there will be challenges to surmount
    And I swear on the graves of all that have past before me, and the power of this universe… I will fight through the challenges with all my soul, all my spirit all the strength I have inside me.

    I swear I will outwork any and all human beings that come before me
    with all respect to those that have tried before me, they have never tried as hard as me. They do not have my heart.

    They do not have my spirit – the spirit of kings and champions that bleeds through my bones!
    They do not have my heart.
    My courage.
    They are not blessed with my unrelenting effort.
    The effort that never says that’s enough.
    The effort that knows no pain.

    I swear to be strong in hard times
    I swear to persist when others give up
    I affirm to remain hungry long after I reach the top

    I affirm i will never settle. NEVER SETTLE. I affirm once again I WILL NEVER SETTLE

    I affirm I will remain humble but NEVER satisfied.

    I will remain humble but NEVER satisfied.
    I can confirm I am anything but ordinary and therefor will never accept ordinary.

    I affirm to show fight through the hardest of challenges.
    Even when things seem impossible… I know anything possible.
    Even when things seem to be going nowhere… I know in my heart I am going somewhere.
    And I know exactly where.
    And that where will be somewhere rare.

    A rare space for those that experience the level of success only reserved for human beings with massive courage.

    Courage to dare to push the limits
    Courage to walk alone in the darkness in search of the light of the greats

    I confirm I will sacrifice like no other but will never feel I have missed out.
    I know the only way I can ever lose is when I don’t apply myself with all my soul. The only was to lose is if leave the field of play knowing i haven’t given my all.

    I absolutely swear to give my all.
    I will never give 99. I only know 100.

    I know there’s always another level, and as God is my witness I will always be searching for that level!

    I make this oath to never stop until I am champion.
    I affirm i will never stop, even when I become champion.

    The crown awaits me
    It is my birthright.

    It’s my dream. and I don’t really care if nobody else believes in me.
    I believe in me.

    I affirm my effort will always be switched on
    Nobody can take that from me.

    I swear my belief will remain strong at all times
    never will I stray from my goals
    never will I create a plan B.
    my plan a is the only plan

    and that plan is the one I am going after
    with all my soul

    This is my oath

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