Hi RB, I know that you still troll this site like you always did. I have several questions for you. How did all the sucking up to Mayor Messam work out for you. You still got canned didn't you. Sorry that you had to lose the respect of everyone in the process. It was obvious that when Messam's wife got all cranked up when her son was detained, and the car reeked of marijuana that that was the time to act. Did you notice that some of the texts got a little direct about what would happen to the kid next time. Of course we all knew that no one had it out for the kid, nor would deliberately seek to do anything to him. But Messam didn't know that so he became afraid and ran to that piss poor incompetent city manager that we used to have. Messam's fear of white officers was used perfectly. The only way to get rid of your sorry ass was to make M think that he had to get rid of the white police chief and replace him with a black one - which is exactly what happened. People will do anything to protect their kids when they are afraid, and couple that with a distrust of white police and it all came together. Someone targeted your sorry ass. Did you ever wonder what happened so fast? Think about it. Some of the people that you screwed over struck back at the right time - and you were history. When you phuck people you need to look out - because they know how to strike back. I'm sure that you were totally blindsided, and to this day had no idea what happened. Well now you know, just a father seemingly protecting his kid by replacing you with a black chief who would make the world of Miramar a safer place for his kid. Finally, wouldn't it be ironic if the ones writing about Messam's kid were not white in the first place?