Certified Mail & Return Receipt Requested #7018-0360-0000-9552-4952

August 17, 2019

To: Lee County State Attorney’s Office
℅; Mrs. Amira D. Fox
2000 Main Street, 6th Floor
Fort Myers, Florida 33901

To: Lee County Public Defender - Return Service Requested
℅: Kathleen Williams
2000 Main Street - 3rd Floor
Fort Myers, Florida 33901

To: Lee County Federal Public Defender - Return Service Requested
℅: Donna L. Elm
1514 Broadway - Suite 301
Fort Myers, Florida 33901

℅ : Director Scott McInerney - Return Service Requested
P.O. Box 1489
Tallahassee, Florida 32302-1489

To: The Honorable Ronald De Santis - Return Service Requested
℅; Florida office of the Governor
400 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0001

To: Mr. Eric W. Spore - Return Service Requested
℅: Special Agent in Charge F.B.I.
5525 West Gray Street
Tampa, Florida 33609

To: Ms. Maria Chapa Lopez - Return Service Requested
℅:U.S. Attorney’s Office
2110 First Street # 3-137
Fort Myers, Florida 33901

To: Mr. Juan P. Bauta - Return Service Requested
The Ferraro Law Firm
600 Brickell Avenue Suite #3800
Miami, Florida 33131

From: Mr. Jesus J. Del Rio
P.O. Box 151202
Cape Coral, Florida 33915-1202

Re: LCSO Sheriff Carmine Marceno / Civil Rights Violation(s) / Perjury

To the Honorable Amira D. Fox,

I am enclosing a copy of a complaint, that we submitted to FDLE Director Scott McInerney, as it relates to the apparent falsification / and perjurious actions of current appointed Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno, as detailed in depth, by the Fox4 news report as promulgated, by Jane Monreal and Frnak Cipolla.

It appears, that your office has supported LCSO Sheriff Marceno, by contributing to his election campaign, as such, we are requesting, that you would recuse yourself and request, that Governor Ronald DeSantis, appoint a special prosecutor, to review if criminal charges are warranted at the state of Florida level, and for the special prosecutor to communicate / coordinate, with the investigation(s), that FDLE and Possibly the FBI, may have underway.

This would be in addition to any federal charges, that may also be applicable, as determined, by the U.S. Attorney’s Office / Ms. Maria Chapa Lopez.

We are including, the Lee County Public Defender’s Office and the Lee County Federal Public Defender’s office, for we don’t know, if Sheriff Carmine Marceno, has taken any law enforcement action(s) in the state of Florida, that as a result, of those action(s) there maybe person(s) incarcerated, by someone that appears to have falsified his qualification, experience, work record, and perjured himself, to qualify for the state of Florida ( EOT ) exam, therefore, his certification, we believe, would be null and void, and he would have no law enforcement powers in the state of Florida.

There should be a complete audit, of any law enforcement action(s) that Sheriff Carmine Marceno, has ever taken during his tenure, as a state of Florida Law Enforcement Officer, because he may have interfered / deprived numerous individual(s) civil liberties, over the years, ranging from pulling over a vehicle; issuing a citation; issuing summons; or any arrest(s), that he’s performed under color of law, without meeting, the requirements of the ( EOT ) program, as promulgated by FDLE / Standards for a certified law enforcement officer, in the state of Florida.

It is our opinion, that Sheriff Carmine Marceno, should be relieved of his official responsibilities, until a criminal investigation, is performed, that either exonerates, or justifies, the filing of criminal charges against him, at either the state of Florida level, or at the federal level, or both.

In advance, we thank you for you attention to this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Jesus J. Del Rio