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    Former Deputy files to run for Sheriff.

    According the sources downtown Paul Fern filed paperwork today to run for sheriff.

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    Well, this should be interesting. An actual, honest "cop's cop" running for sheriff. It has been decades since the people of Sarasota have had that!

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    Just tell me where to send Paul a check and how I can get three signs. I need some really big ones to put on the poof of my car parked out on cattleman road.

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    Sheriff Paul Fern

    Thank GOD someone is running that understands the needs and wants of the men and women of the SCSO!!!! Paul would make a GREAT leader at this place! I think you can do this Fernie!!!!

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    This is a message to all of you deputies who were detectives that have been sent back to patrol by over zealous ass hole Lt's in charge. Now is your time to reflect. What do you really have to lose voicing your opinion to the public about the current administration? Do not listen to the old guard telling you "don't get involved". you are already back in patrol forever you aint going anywhere else. Now is the time to write checks hold signs and raise money to get these men who are in charge out of our sheriffs office. Time to let the public know that Kurt is a turd! FERN 2020!

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    Holy Cow

    Time to flush

    Paul will bring a sense of balance back to the Sheriff’s Office. The days of two sets of rules, one for the senior staff and one for the rest of us is done. Paul will surely bring 2 or 3 people to assist him, but rest assured he will flush the toilet and at least 3 turds and maybe more will be gone. The end of an era of ruling by fear and oppression will be gone.

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    Why do I have the overwhelming suspicion that the super-one-man-crime-fighter is shaking in his booties now and will AVOID all invitations for a debate.... We need to demand candidates running for Sheriff face off in a public debate.

    Candidate 2 - my opponent is a documented liar who only revealed his past of stealing from government agencies. Proves his first instinct is to lie in order to protect himself.

    Candidate 1 - uhhhhh, hmmm, ugh, well , I ...... sh*t... I got nothing

    For those looking to bring integrity back to the agency, now is your time to fight.... *** when you are off duty, make sure you talk, talk to everyone you know and inform them of the devastation this administration has done to morale and ethics at the SSO....

    Sarasota is a small “town”. This is how a grass roots campaign will win and return honor to the SSO.

    Good luck Paul, you got this...

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