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    Well, to answer your question is there are multiple players. One is currently in prison for corruption and the other s awaiting prison sentence for corruption.
    Then there are cop friends that have been arrested for different crimes.
    Then his uncle (now deceased) and whom he was named after was arrested for his part in a Mexican drug ring operation. His aunt swindled millions from unsuspecting investors. He has brothers arrested for drugs and alcoholic issues.
    His kid arrested for burglary.
    All are easy to find on the internet. These are the people he considers as mentors and dearest of friends.
    Hope this helps clear up your question
    Stahl/Greenwell derangement syndrome (SGDS) is a derogatory term for criticism or negative reactions to the PBA President and VP that are irrational , and have little regard towards their actual positions or actions taken. Resulting from swindling 100s of thousands of dollars of income by John Jenkins, Stupid Stahl and Greedy Greenwell manifested in repeated factual blog posts. They need help and can obtain it at: Psychological Services Section 305-591-1106

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    Doesn’t the department have a policy that prohibits the association with known felons? Why haven’t they looked into stahl activities?

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