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I just completed multiple 119 request for the Sheriff, Undersheriff, Chief and Colonels emails. While filtering through them, the below email was discovered. It was addressed to the Sheriff and Undersheriff. I was told by Robert Forrest he supported Jim Leavens and disliked the current administration. What happened Robert, did they deny your job application again? Makes me sick!!!!

Good morning gentlemen,

I hope this e-mail finds both of you well. first of all, I wish to congratulate you Carmine on becoming our interim Sheriff for Lee County and Eric, I've known you a long time and I am very happy to see that you have achieved the rank of Undersheriff. I'm sure your friends and family (and I) are very happy for you in your new position. People at LCSO still talk to me and I maintain several friendships with folks still working there. It pleases me to hear from several different contacts that they are all very happy with the work place environment and besides other good and positive things, that you back and support the troops.

I will cut to the chase.... As you are probably aware Sheriff, I have many longstanding connections with the Hispanic community in Lee County. I have been lucky to develop and maintain many personal and professional relationships with business leaders, Civic leaders, educators and others who in their different capacities serve to better the quality of life for all Hispanics in our county. One of my friends at LCSO is a supervisor and a Hispanic. He gives you both very good grades in what you have done for and how you have well treated Hispanic personnel within the Office. And he is not the only one. So
in light of this I was wondering if I may be of service to you regarding working towards obtaining the Hispanic Vote for your candidacy in the upcoming campaign. I am fluent in Spanish. I can read it, write it and speak it. I am interested in helping you in this regard.

If you are interested and would like to discuss this, I may be reached on my cell phone (239) 850-7320, text, or e-mail, rbf276@g.mail.com . On a totally different and unrelated note, personally I am glad to see you brought back the white shirts for the Command Staff. I just think it looks much better... and you wear it well. Both of you.

Best regards,

Capt. (RET). Robert B. Forrest, III

Who is this Robert Forrest III who wears two faces? Even the retirees don't seem to want to claim him. I just don't get Leavens - it was bad enough when Shoap's little puppet jumped on his bandwagon but now he has the most disliked scandalous sheriff in Lee County history! Who's next Klan Man?