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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Hey Buckoís Romanowski here,

    While I wasnít going to dignify this post with a response, I figured I clear the air on a few things.

    I wanted to keep all of this a secret but clearly the cat is out of the bag so might as well get some facts out into the world.

    Since Friday when word got out, Iíve heard a lot of rumors about myself some true, some not. To the people that called or texted me to come straight to the source, itís appreciated.

    To the anonymous person who clearly doesnít like me and made the post, letís discuss it.

    Iíll start out by giving you credit. I am ďfull of myselfĒ , I always thought I was confident but most say Iím ****y and have said that my whole life, so you got that right. Itís my personality, if you donít like it, we donít have to be friends.

    You are right again about the way I left CGPD, it was totally WRONG AND MY FAULT. I own that and take responsibility for it.

    But you, just like 95+% of people, donít have all the facts. Without too many details, the truth is, when I left it wasnít a professional choice, it was personal. At that time I was going through my divorce and needed a fresh start. Next time Iíll make sure to put you and your professional life ahead of my personal life. I didnít know how much my I meant to you and that my personal decisions would affect you so greatly, that was very inconsiderate on my part and for that, Iím sorry and apologize to you, whoever you are.

    You say you have ďBSO contactsĒ. I know probably 120-150 people at BSO, and I would say maybe 3-5 donít care for me, but hey, canít make everyone happy. So if those are your contacts, besides calling me lazy and saying I have a horrible reputation did they leave out that in less than 2 years I was on the Crime Suppression Team and the Quick Response Force, asked to be a CADRE member of QRF, my Officer of the Month award and a nomination for a second Officer of the Month, my Special Ops Unit award or my roughly 40 arrest? Lazy and horrible cop, I know. Maybe Iím just full of myself for mentioning that, but hey, thatís me.

    You use the word loyalty and say I lack loyalty. Insert MEME: I donít think that word means what you think it means. Letís compare:

    Cop leaves due to personal reasons, has never told anyone to leave CGPD and has actually told people to apply to CGPD


    The anonymous cop that claims to be loyal yet he bashes the Chief, agency and is encouraging people to leave the agency.

    If you want I can help you google the definition of loyalty or Iíll buy you a dictionary and we can meet and look up the word together. Your choice.

    There has been no decision made on if I am coming back. Whatever choice the Chief makes I will respect it and I respect the fact that he took the time to have a sit down meeting with me.

    Since Gables is small Iím sure you have my number but if not you know who to get it from and give me a call. Or at least sign your name to your work and get credit.

    Real man/woman would keep other peoples names out their mouth. If you want to attack me, do it, leave everyone else alone or sign your name to it, but we know you are too much of a punk to do that.

    Yours Truly,
    Tom ďFull of HimselfĒ Romanowski
    Iím fairly new here at the gables and have no idea who you are. First, thanks for coming back. It will help me get off midnights. Second, your credentials at BSO sound amazing. With that being said, while you were at the gables, what awards did you receive and what units were you in? Canít wait to meet you. You seem like a really cool guy.

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    FOP King
    Dude! Stop with your BS accomplishments and blah blah blah! Nobody cares... you didnít do s... when you were at the gables. But donít worry Mr. Weston, you will be in SED in no time amigo... best wishes Poncho

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    Hey new guy. Know a couple of things. This place has fake back stabbing pieces of sh*t. And it starts with the chief and is at all levels. Watch your back. Just a matter of time before your name is here.

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    Mico Jones
    So I was sort of right. Homo here not only misses Gruich's pinga, but is cleaning the chief's pinga as well. And who's complaining about people not attaching their names to messages? Mine is there. Say it slowly Homo, M I C O J O N E S. So, to everyone else here, who are not mamando the chief's pinga, this place is getting worse and worse... The mama bicho Chief keeps chasing away the good cops and inviting other mama bicho back. But hey, at least Homo is apparently very proactive at BSO...

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    Aug 2017


    Wow! Someone is not afraid to sign his name. I guess you are not like the majority of those who post here, but do not have what it takes to own their comments. That makes two of us!

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    Mike Hunt Jr.
    Quote Originally Posted by Maria C. Cruz View Post
    Wow! Someone is not afraid to sign his name. I guess you are not like the majority of those who post here, but do not have what it takes to own their comments. That makes two of us!
    You are a loser. No one likes you and the union and Chief laugh about you in staff meetings. You got played and are no longer needed. Please go away for good. Your are irrelevant. You were only a political pawn who played right into their antics. They latched onto your weaknesses and you fell for it. You were the only in the community.

    Godís Speed

    M.H. JR.

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