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    City Medical Insurance $1500 vs Medi-Share $382 my Story after retirement

    I retired after 27 years with TPD and had to find medical coverage. After doing research I discovered a group or as they call it sharing policy Medi-Share. I have been with them now over 2 years and have used it several times. I was unsure how it would work when needed but couldn't be anymore pleased with it. This sharing (as they call it) isn't for everyone. I'm going to list the pros vs cons then you can make a choice for yourself. If you wish to contact me I'm registered to the site with an email listed so feel free to ask any questions that you don't want others to know.

    City Health Insurance:
    Cost for family $1500 per month
    $1,000 Deductible per person
    City will cover almost everything including per-existing conditions

    Benefits City Plan offers
    Free doctor visits. Well you know the rest.

    Medi-Share (after healthy discount 20%)
    Cost for my wife and I $382 per month
    $3750 deductible for family then 100% coverage
    family plan about $90 more a month. Can you get a lower deductible it cost about $75 more a month to lower it to $2500 and $150 to lower it to $1250.

    Will not cover per-existing conditions that you have had within the last 3 years.
    They don't cover drug treatment or psychiatric treatment
    If you go to hospital and they find illegal drugs in your system the bill will not be shared or not paid. If you break the law and get hurt while doing it they won't pay.

    Some benefits Medi-Share offers.
    Exempt from Obama Care
    Free with no co-pay telephone doctor visits or video doctor visits open 24 hrs.
    If you have a scheduled surgery.... example knee replacement and use Medi-Share partner Bridge Health they will schedule you with a top 25% doctor and hospital in exchange Medi-Share will waive your deductible pay 100% of bill, pay you premium/sharing for 3 months, pay your travel expenses if needed this includes airline, hotel, gas and meals.

    If your a person with medical issues this isn't the plan for you. Its for the healthy person with very few issues. My wife had a schedule surgery the first year in the plan and I couldn't have been more impressed with the service. It was nice when Medi-Share paid our premiums for 3 months. The hospital bill was paid within 3 weeks.

    The 2nd year in the plan we were given a bill for an ct scan the exceeded our deductible of $3750. When I called Medi-Share they told me to negotiate my portion with the company. They gave me suggestions on how to get the bill reduced by offering to pay the balance immediately. Any discount I could get from the company would apply to the deductible. After talking to the ct scan company the bill was reduced to $1750 the rest was waived. So my deductible for the year out of my pocket was $1750.

    Here is a link to get price on the insurance/sharing. Remeber you can get 20% off.

    I hope this helps some of you out approaching retirement. I couldn't be anymore pleased with Medi-Share. Good luck to all of you and be safe.

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    "You must have a Christian belief to become a member."

    No thank you.

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    This wouldn't be a good plan for like 99%

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    I'm a christian. And anytime a Christian tries and sells me something. I run like hell

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    thanks for the info, dave

    I have heard of this plan and it sounds alright compared to the crap we have now, unfortunately, it may not work for my family due to pre-existing issues. I appreciate you doing the work Dave, because I know that you are thorough. As to the other posters, stay with your crappy plan.

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    Just trying to help those about to retire. Not trying to push anything on anyone. When you have to pay $1500 a month for medical insurance your check just doesn't go as far. I made the choice to leave the city plan and so far its worked well.

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    If Rather

    I’d rather believe in God and find out he doesn’t exist than not believe in God and find out he does exist.

    Great job Dave

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