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    Lightbulb Colonel Kurt Hoffman announces “Veterans Housing” in the jail

    Quote Originally Posted by “Michael Moore Jr.”
    The Sarasota County Jail has music therapy, GED training, Bible classes – and now it has the “veterans housing initiative,” which is a designated space inside the jail where inmates can hang flags and hand-painted artwork that represents the military.

    Chief Deputy Colonel Kurt Hoffman, who announced that he is running for sheriff in the 2020 election, said: “The veterans housing initiative is an idea we have discussed for years and we are excited to see it finally come to fruition.”

    To date, only 10 veteran inmates are enrolled, but…
    Full story:
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    Here we go. The knightmare and his backing party have started to get their puppet out to the peoples. I have seen this ugly mug now a lot. They are just trying to get the uninformed voters used to seeing that mug so as to associated it with a name on the ballot in November 2020. Lord help the good people of Sarasota County if this untrustworthy lawyer (pronounced as retired FWC Officer Sloan said LIAR) gets into office.

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