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    Post Total Losers: Broward County Sheriff's Office Loses Accreditation...For Being...

    So where's that raise?

    Total Losers: Broward County Sheriff's Office Loses Accreditation...For Being Terrible At Their Jobs


    The Broward County Sheriff’s Office has fallen even lower. They bungled the response to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. Its deputies were caught sleeping on the job near the school after the tragic shooting that left 17 people dead. Its deputies refused to enter the building where shooter Nikolas Cruz was committing his senseless act of violence. Ex-school resource officer Scot Peterson resigned and was later brought up on child neglect and perjury charges related to the shooting; he was the man who failed to confront Cruz. In all, several deputies were investigated, with two being fired for neglect. Then, they accidentally let a murder suspect go free. So, you can see why the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation revoked their certification. Oh, and they mishandled another shooting in 2017 at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (via Miami Herald):

    A state panel has voted unanimously to revoke the law enforcement accreditation of the Broward Sheriff’s Office, the largest sheriff’s office in Florida.

    The loss of accreditation — a voluntary certification sought by law enforcement agencies — won’t affect BSO’s operations in a major way. But it is a further blow to the agency’s prestige at a time when a new command staff, including a new sheriff, are dealing with a string of failures and questionable conduct by deputies.

    The Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation (CFA) cited BSO’s mishandling of the Parkland school shooting last year and the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport shooting in 2017 as reasons for its decision in a 13-0 vote last week.

    Both incidents were marked by chaotic and disorganized responses from the sheriff’s office. Seventeen people died at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting on Feb. 14, 2018, including some who were waiting for rescue as BSO deputies took cover, put on body armor and struggled to find the building where the massacre had taken place.


    Accreditation allows agencies to standardize their practices and make sure they meet widely accepted guidelines. It can also help buttress agencies in defending themselves against lawsuits as it shows their procedures have been validated by outside experts, as well as lower their insurance rates. In Florida, there are more than 200 standards that an agency must meet to maintain accreditation.


    BSO and its new sheriff, Gregory Tony, appointed by DeSantis to replace Israel in January, did not respond to questions for this story. Tony on Monday issued the following statement: “It is disheartening for the hardworking members of the Broward Sheriff’s Office to lose our accreditation because of the previous administration’s mishandling of two devastating events in our community. Since recently taking command, I have worked on improving BSO and repairing the effects of bad leadership and negligence by focusing on training and community relations. I will continue working hard to ensure that all Broward residents feel safe and that our agency’s reputation and honor are restored.”

    Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis suspended former Sheriff Scott Israel. That move was upheld by the state Supreme Court. Israel said he has impeccable leadership skills, and that nothing was his fault in the aftermath of the Parkland shooting, even after news began to trickle that his department was a total nightmare. The man apparently has no shame either; he’s running again (via CBS News):

    Former Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is campaigning for his old job after being removed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for his officers' failure to protect Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School where 17 students died in a mass shooting last year. DeSantis quickly suspended Israel after assuming the governorship this year and appointed former Coral Springs police Sgt. Gregory Tony to replace Israel.

    CBS affiliate WPEC-TV reports that Israel filed his paperwork Monday morning to run for re-election as sheriff in the 2020 Democratic primary.

    "I want to get back to working with the incredible men and women of the Broward County Sheriff's Office," Israel said. "I want to get back to my communities."


    The former top cop has since been fighting his suspension before a Florida senate, claiming it was a politically motivated attack. "This was about politics, not Parkland," Israel said.

    The full state senate, however, could vote on Israel's fate in the fall, throwing a wrench into Israel's campaign.

    What a mess.

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    We the sheep could care less.

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    ey, look at us

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    We the sheep could care less.

    BSO Cleared To Seek Reaccreditation Earlier Than Expected

    Oct. 8, 2019

    BROWARD (CBSMiami) – After documented failures during the Parkland shooting and the shooting at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, a state commission stripped BSO of its coveted law enforcement accreditation earlier this year. Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony said the effect on the agency was potent.

    “It killed morale,” Tony told CBS4 News in his first interview discussing the accreditation. “It’s not something that you ever want to have revoked because it embarrasses the agency and it puts the agency in a point where the confidence of the state and the commission isn’t there.”

    In a letter to the commission dated in early September, Tony made his initial plea for an earlier opportunity to seek reaccreditation, saying accreditation “symbolizes professionalism and excellence” and “the loss of our accreditation was a tremendous blow to the hard working and dedicated law enforcement personnel of the Broward Sheriff’s Office.”

    Tony admitted that he understood the loss of accreditation due to “identified serious flaws in command structure and response protocols” during the Parkland and airport incidents but he argued that changes have been made since Gov. Ron DeSantis appointed him sheriff in January replacing suspended former Sheriff Scott Israel. In the letter, Tony laid out his case for reconsideration.

    “While the previous sheriff argues in the Florida State Senate that his deputies failed him, my priority was to appoint a responsible and competent command staff and to immediately enhance training and equipment relevant to critical incident response and management. A properly trained and led team will not fail,” Tony wrote, adding that deputies now “report to a dedicated and well-trained command cadre, are provided the training and equipment required to support effective critical response protocols, understand their role in immediate threat/trauma mitigation, and how to properly execute those roles.”

    Last week, Tony traveled to St. Petersburg to testify before the Florida Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation, asking them to allow BSO to apply for reaccreditation 18 months earlier than expected.

    “This entire state was embarrassed because of BSO because of our agency’s failure and I’ve had to step in and absorb that and I give you my word that we will not embarrass this organization or this state or our law enforcement brother and sisters who put their lives on the line across this entire country,” Tony told the commission in audio provided to CBS4 News by the commission.

    Tony said he pointed to specific changes in his effort to allow BSO to seek reaccreditation, like enhanced and increased active shooter training and training for school resource officers, enhanced weapons systems for deputies to respond to active threats, a new Real Time Crime Center and purchasing stop-the-bleed kits for Broward schools. Tony also highlighted his efforts in pushing forward the long-awaited multi-million dollar Regional Training Center to be based at the main BSO campus near Fort Lauderdale.

    “We’ll have state of the art shooting facilities, classrooms, all types of technologies,” he explained.

    Tony believes these demonstrated changes convinced the commission to unanimously approve his request.

    “When you put all that information out there and show that we’ve made these changes it was compelling for the commission to consider my testimony,” Tony said.

    Commission Member Okaloosa County Sheriff Larry Ashley made it clear from audio of last week’s meeting that he approves of Tony’s efforts.

    “We thank you because we never want that to happen again, ever,” Ashley said.

    Tony said accreditation helps BSO meet high quality professional standards, apply for grants and be accountable to the community.

    “It was the right thing to do for the morale of this agency and making sure that from public safety standpoint we would be able to have access to the funding that may exist in the federal world and just quite frankly cleaning this place up 100 percent,” Tony said.

    The commission will review BSO’s policies and practices as well as observe the agency in the field beginning next March.

    “(The accreditation process) makes sure that policies and procedures are up to standards and that you are doing what you say you’re doing,” said Danielle Terrell, Executive Director of the Florida Accreditation Office, making law enforcement agencies “better, more professional agencies.”

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    Accreditation is a scam, a joke, and just another way of saying "micromanagement". If you want less work from cops and more protection for the higher ups, this is perfect for your area. Get ready for higher taxes though because more cops are gonna have to be hired to fill in the gaps of protecting and serving.

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    Stripping the state accreditation and then unexpectedly giving it back early because Sheriff Tony did such an "amazing" job was planned from the start by the DeSantis people to embarrass Israel and politically help Tony. Everyone called this rigged game from the start.

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    Just anoother scam.

    Accreditation has always been a scam. The agency writes up a bunch of policies and pays the accrediting agency and SHAZAM, they become an accredited law enforcement agency. The agency can tout its accreditation and puff out their chests. But, just as with manipulation of crime statistics, it is all a scam.

    Here we have an accrediting agency stripping the BSO of its accreditation based upon performance in two, back-to-back incidents which most agencies will never see, let alone see within 12 months. And, in neither of these incidents was the agency responsible for the incident itself. So, what changed? Nothing. The policies, which are the same that gained the agency accreditation, are still in place. They were all followed. And, that is what accreditation is based upon. The accrediting agency does not require any agency to prove performance. Now, if the BSO followed accredited procedures, but had its accreditation revoked due to performance, which complied with those procedures, have the standards been changed for reaccreditation? Will every agency, now accredited, be required to reapply to meet the new standards?

    Just another scam, by the accrediting agency, to gouge more money out of the public and to attempt to make itself appear relevant. After all, how much is accreditation worth if that accreditation does not translate into performance? What a scam.

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