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    Doral Officer almost dies and Steadman Stahl is absent but...

    While a brother officer from Doral was struggling to stay alive Steadman Stahl was not only absent as usual but he was silent on the issue as well. Just like he has been on all others cases BUT he shows up at a meaningless Democratic debate rally laughing and yuking it up with other people. And of course the endless selfies and picture posing.
    Sort of reminds me Of When Greenwell was caught by the tv cameras laughing when north Miami officer was found guilty of a charge that he should never have Been charged with.
    It has been, and continues to be, a party for
    These PBA heads. But when the work,
    Or time, or voice is required they are silent or absent.
    What in the fvk are they doing in those positions. They don’t represent my views and
    More importantly my values. They are POSs.

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    Steadman stahl is getting destroyed on the MDPD Leo affairs as well as Doral Leo affairs for his uncaring and then insulting acts regarding this injuries officer.
    There is a move in MDPD to get PBA out.

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    County cops have begun a grass roots campaign to remove the PBA because of mismanagement, incompetence, and an uncaring, smug attitude by Steadman Stahl. They are ready to fined other representation

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    Stupid Steadman Stahl goes to the hospital and points at sign as if he’s there for some festive event. So fake and not genuine. He has insulted everyone intelligence. Such a bad decision to do it. Anyway a huge move to get rid of the PBA is underway.

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