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    Shoot! GREAT FDLE employees are demoted, transferred and run off for A LOT less than this.....its not like it was a couple of hundred or even a thousand dollars a month every once in a while. Its an extra 12,000.00 a month of % F-ing years.

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    The FIRST thing Swearingen and EI looks at when something like this happens is WHO the person is... If they are liked/favored, then they get a pass or won't even look at the case (don't even open an investigation).

    If it's someone they have tagged as a troublemaker or is generally unliked/not popular, they will go behind the scenes and sometimes even go dirty to push forward with "getting rid of the problem" because of this (fortunate to FDLE) scenario.

    Mark gets a pass, plain and simple. Some would not be so fortunate, and we all know it.

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    He was perfect for Tampa before anyone even knew it!! Look at the long list of shitheads and idiots in a leadership position that were or are in Tampa!

    narcisstic Madden
    threatening Ramierez
    Cindy what's my hubby think
    Crooked Foy
    hot-head Moses
    dumb and dumber Lance Newman
    little man/anonymous letter/I'm a victim Vecchio

    I'm sure I'm missing many more.

    Tampa- where legends are made.

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    Just went through the public notes on the St Johns County clerk of court. Trial in Nov (lets hope).....I seriously can not believe that no I/A on Mark.......come on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Hey, go pull the jail phone call log for the grand felon and see what she is saying to her FDLE Special Agent in Charge husband, OK? (watch the video)

    Raye wasn't even shaken up while on the call while MB was more concerned?

    Pleading not guilty to this, I hope they really stick it to her in sentencing because she's so ****y. They've probably already lost everything buying the top notch attorney. Why not leave MB broke and w/o you for a long time because you wouldn't fess up!


    Listening to the jail call... WOW. Mark's wife seems like a sociopath with no emotion or care. Where does this put Mark if he's still with that?

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    Thumbs up Continued....

    Why did Raye ask for a continuance? No top bunk, bottom bunk for the holidays?

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    Still learning how to fabricate shanks out of cell materials. Practicing with mark on how to "shank a ***** that had it coming"

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    They are working on a plea agreement that involves less than a year jail time and stipulation that she can bring a Yeti cooler and a large selection of cosmetics.

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    IN case anyone forgot!

    Dec 3, 2019:

    A former St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office finance director accused of taking more than $700,000 from the Sheriff’s Office between 2012 and 2018 was scheduled for a pretrial hearing Tuesday morning and received her fourth continuance.

    A former St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office finance director accused of taking more than $700,000 from the Sheriff’s Office between 2012 and 2018 was scheduled for a pretrial hearing Tuesday morning and received her fourth continuance.

    Raye Brutnell, 48, entered a not guilty plea in December.

    Her next pretrial hearing is Jan. 7. If a plea agreement is not reached, the case is scheduled to go to trial in May 2020.

    Brutnell originally faced more than 160 charges, though it was later reduced to 11 charges. Brutnell faces six counts of forging bank bills, checks, drafts, or promissory notes, two counts of criminal use of personal identification, one count of grand theft over $100,000, one count of grand theft over $20,000 and one count of failing to properly apply solicited charity contributions.

    A special prosecutor, Nicole Orr from the 10th Judicial Circuit, was appointed by former Gov. Rick Scott due to Brutnell’s husband’s employment with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. State Attorney R.J. Larizza of the 7th Judicial Circuit requested the appointment and said he knew the couple.

    Assistant State Attorney Jake Orr, 10th Judicial Circuit spokesman, said the state attorney’s office had no comment on the case.

    Brutnell is represented by Henry Coxe of Jacksonville, who declined to comment on the case.

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    Raye Brutnel or Organized Crime?

    Took an entire group and a CCE to steal this much cash, or Raye Brutnell at work in St John County.....

    FDLE affidavit shows new info in $700K Port Authority racketeering scheme
    There is new information about how accused and arrested suspects tried stealing nearly $1 million from Southwest Florida International Airport.

    According to an affidavit, Florida Department of Law Enforcement named suspect Thomas Brennan as the ringleader of a ghost employee scheme through the Lee County Port Authority he and nine other suspects are accused, ripping more than $700,000 from the Lee County.

    “There was an opportunity where folks believed they could make some money and potentially get away with it,” said.

    The document also names Jeffrey Gray, the port authority contracts director, and his son, Austin Gray, as being “involved in the time sheet fraud,” but they have not been arrested.

    Lee County confirmed Jeffrey Gray resigned from his position this past July. This comes months after he was put on administrative leave after an inspector general report showed he allowed his son to park at the airport for free.

    According to FDLE, Brennan was the site manager for Triangle Services of Florida, the janitorial company Lee County contracts to clean airports. Brennan is accused of hiring “ghost employees,” people who got paid for work they never did. Brennan would then submit falsified time sheets to the county.

    But, in 2018, someone left an anonymous tip, and the scheme was discovered along with evidence.

    According to FDLE, the “ghost employees” never used or were issued security access badges, never went through mandatory training or parked in the employee lot, all things a hired janitorial employee is required to do.

    From there, agents followed the money. Prior to the arrests, FDLE spoke to some of the suspects. No one could explain what they did to earn the money they received.

    Agents also spoke to the estranged wife of Brennan. She cooperated with FDLE and made phone calls to him during their investigation.

    “When payday would come, these ghost employees would receive paychecks directly into the personal bank accounts,” said.

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