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That is not public information, at the time of this writing. What is the IA case number?

Thank you for providing Florida state statute 790.335 for public reading:

FSS search engine:

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The [SSO] records department [accidentally] gave me a [master] list of [civilian] gun owners [who live in Sarasota County]. Then they investigated the [records clerk for accidentally giving me that illegally compiled list of gun owners]. They punished the records lady [for giving me the list]. [It is] a 3rd degree felony [for a law enforcement agency to compile a list of law abiding civilian gun owners, according to FSS 790.335].

IA case # 2019-017

I filed [a complaint] with the State Attorneys Office for this felony violation [of compiling a list of gun owners], but the [SAO] will not get back to me [to say] if he will do anything. Here's the video [of my SAO interview]:

Do not reelect State Attorney [Ed Brodsky]
Copwatch has a notorious reputation for being anti-cop, so you will not get sympathy at this website. However...

Your allegation is intriguing because the list of gun owners that you are describing is a product of "Intelligence led policing," which was implemented in the SSO by our current sheriff (Tom Knight). Intelligence led policing has its own inherent biases against "selectively targeted people." Here is an article about an Orwellian database that Colonel Kurt Hoffman implemented:

The public is obviously not supposed to know about the in-house list of law abiding civilian gun owners in Sarasota County. Only stolen firearms are allowed to be compiled into a database. If the illegally compiled list was taken from the statewide CCW database, then that is a gross felony violation that can only be investigated by an outside agency (such as FDLE). If the list was compiled from local pawnshop transactions, then it's still a violation, but it's not quite as Orwellian.

If your story is true, then you should contact an editor named Mr. Lee Williams and tell him about your claims. Here is his contact information: