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Do not worry CM got his bachelors online on the tax payers dime. That was the plan from the start . Cm will be taking the lead soon. The good old boys club will never change in this town. While they fleece the taxpayers for everything they have. It is just wonderful paying for a good old boy to go to school and all his toys. I wonder if his buddy VC will sue the city again on our dime to spend all our money on her wants and needs. PE is the lap dog for her everyone knew from the start. Actually if the pd were doing their job they would have gotten him along time ago for DUI. Hey the tax payers paid extra for his little comm trip when he missed the plane while drunk in a bar. These people are all in it together. I guess it is who you know. It is a disgrace. Now the club wants the tax payers to pay for another pool run by a multi million dollar agency who cannot even keep it clean. BOO Hoo. There are many places people can go for services where the tax payers are not fleeced by this little club. What a disgrace this city is.
Let's see, a bachelors degree takes at least four yrs of college, probably can be accelerated to three and to the best of my knowledge the ass chef had a high school degree last year, so I doubt he has a real bachelors degree, not unless he went to the same school as KV !!!!! then he would be working towards a bachelors degree. You can be assured by the time VC leaves office CM will be the chief, with or without the present chiefs approval. CM stomps over everybody to get what he wants.