I had seen the film in cinemas when it came out late 2016/early 2017 and after this recent second watch, like D&D, I kind of forgot how good it was?
The movie is effortlessly charming, relatable and is one of the rare films to truly capture this generation's strife (I'd say Bo Burnham's Eight Grade is another one).
Hailee Steinfeld, who is one of the most talented and gorgeous stars working today manages to bring herself to this awkward, miserable level for her energetic and poutful performance. She's on screen 95% of the movie and carries the film not only as our empathetic protagonist, but also plays the toxic outbursts around everyone so well. She has a great balance.
The writing is so witty, with Woody Harrelson stealing every scene he's in. Each character has their own, pulpy personality with their own detailed motivations, there is rarely a dull scene. Kyra Sedgwick as her mother is also a standout.
I never hear my circle of friends talk about it, but I hope it finds a bigger audience on VOD. Writer/Director Kelly Fremon Craig is writing the animated Scooby-Doo reboot? But hopefully she'll get better traction in the future for more projects like this.
How did this film fly under most people's radar?