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    Lightbulb "Intelligence-led policing" case thrown out of court by SAO

    Quote Originally Posted by “Chris Anderson”
    Prosecutors dismissed felony drug charges against a man after the general circumstances were challenged. While VPD Officer James Browning was on routine patrol:
    • A white Hyundai driving on the road stood out because it was 1:30 AM.
    • [Using an Intelligence-led policing philosophy], the officer subsequently ran a check on the registered owner of the car and discovered that he had two past drug-related arrests.
    • The officer then stopped the vehicle when it did not come to a complete stop at a stop sign.
    • The driver refused to allow the officer to search the vehicle, so the officer called for a K9 to respond to the scene.
    • The K9 arrived 119 seconds after the officer completed the traffic citation.
    • During an exterior open air sniff, the K9 reportedly alerted, so the officer searched the interior of the vehicle and found rock cocaine (a third-degree felony)
    Full story:
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