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    PBA staff leaving. Cite lack of ethics as reason

    Insider source: PBA self imploding

    Staff at the PBA are leaving at an alarming rate. They are uncomfortable with the unethical behavior at the office.
    The top four attorneys have left. Shiver Is trying to push out the accountant bc she will turn them in if they play with money. She complains when they don’t turn in receipts that is required.
    Others are searching for new Jobs. The best and brightest are gone or leaving. Where does that leave us?
    Wake up board of directors.

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    Leaving at an alarming rate

    Never before has the PBA had so many employees flee. The four top attorneys are no longer there. Crucial staff members have left and I’ve been told others are about to leave soon.
    Apparently things are horrible at our union hall.

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    You should leave to FOP. PBA doesn't even care about their County people any more.

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