Man found dead from self-inflicted gunshot wound in unincorporated St Pete. Hmm. They make it sound like this was a violent domestic followed by some heroic evacuations and then hours later BANG!!!! I donít think so. I think it was a typical domestic. The female said she got beat up. The male said Eat Me and went back inside. Then they heard a bang. Then like 7 hours later our heroic SWAT team drove a robot into the house to find a dead guy. 7 HOURS. 7!!!! He could have died from a shaving cut in that time. What a crack SWAT Team that takes that long to do anything. Why does SWAT have ballistic vests with rifle plates anyway? Theyíre treated like little kids. Then again. 7 hours would have been plenty of time for the bad guy to fortify his position, load and position more guns and mount a fantastic offensive if he wanted. All that Ace SWAT experience is just shining through. Iím glad a dumb robot could replace a recon team with a camera pole. WTF man. Thatís embarrassing. And the press release was wrong as usual. But hey. SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! Go!!!!!! Give them two banquets in 2020!!! Such great operators!! Real World Action SWAT Callouts - Still a Big Fat Zero!!!!!