So b*tchy Davis is back! The moron mayor thinks he is qualified to be president - what a joke. Add in Hard A$$ Colbourne (a mean nasty awful person) and what do you get: Clown City. The hole just keeps getting deeper as the dig faster. It could be worse though, at least we don't still have the former fat a$$ walrus for our mayor. They had to weld steal plates to the floor just to hold her girth in an armoured chair. So, should it be "Clown City" or "$hitty City"? If god ever has to give the world an enema he will stick it in Miramar. So, maybe "A$$ Hole City"? At least I won't have to pay to see the fights on cable anymore. I can just watch Davis and Colbourne fight over stupid crap. Both are mean as snakes. To the person who doesn't like what I just wrote - phuc u ahead of time.