you are a moron. You are an absolute confirmed moron. #1 you are putting your career in significant jeopardy every hour you are there. You WILL be asked or expected to do something's questionable by people who have zero law enforcement background and you will be left holding the bag. You are a reckless ignorant moron . #2 you are working what should be an overtime detail for a lesser off duty rate . #3 ocean drive association can not get thier shit together just like before and before that and you will not get paid promptly and then when you do finally get paid it will all be on one check and you will be taxed much , much higher (more money more taxes), so now you are working harder for less. Write tickets, go to court few morons that work tops are begging for IA complaints and stress and management asking for stupid things for stupid political reasons. If I see some one working TOPS I think wow look at that ****ing fool.... eres ciego y mudo! Idiota lol idiota.